Onions NZ Strategy

Onions New Zealand Strategy

The onion industry's vision is to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability of onion growers and exporters.

The onion industry strategy has three core themes:

  • Onion Integrity - Maintain and enhance the reputation of New Zealand onions.
  • Export Markets - Increase the total returns for New Zealand onions.
  • Research and Innovation - Increase sustainable yield per hectare of class 1 onions



In 2020, Onions New Zealand developed a Market Access and Development Strategy to guide a collaborative approach to the defence of current markets and the development of future growth markets. 

The vision for this strategy is to invigorate New Zealand onion exports through an Industry-Government approach to improved market access and development that increases and sustains prosperity for growers and exporters. 

To learn more about this strategy, please contact Onions New Zealand.