Onions New Zealand Inc

Onions New Zealand is the representative body for 85 growers and 18 exporters of onions in New Zealand. Our vision is to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability of onion growers and exporters.

Onions New Zealand Evolution:

In the 70's a industry organisation was formed to monitor and help facilitate trade, initially called the NZ Onions Shipping Company, this was only to serve the interests of onion exporters. some years later the industry organisation was renamed the NZ Onion Exporters Association.

In 2004 there was demand to incorporate the growers into the organisation and Onions New Zealand Inc was established.

In 2013 the process was completed and Onions NZ became a fully integrated peak industry body, whereby it focused on the domestic market as well as the export markets. That same year, Onions NZ was granted a commodity levy paid by grower and exporter members.

The progression of the organisation is annotated below. 

 ONZ Evolution


Current Structure 

Onions New Zealand is an extremely well structured organisation that looks to leverage of the relationships that it has developed over the years. One of the key components that differentiates Onions NZ from other product groups, is the development of its own research and innovation committee. This has allowed the industry to stay ahead of international competitors and looks to continually innovate and improve. The structure of this committee is outlined below. 

Onions New Zealand Structure

ONZ Structure2

Research and Innovation Committee

R and I Structure2

Onions New Zealand Strategy

The onion industry's vision is to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability of onion growers and exporters

The onion industry strategy has three core themes:

  • Onion Integrity - Maintain and enhance the reputation of New Zealand onions
  • Export Markets - Increase the total returns for New Zealand onions
  • Research and Innovation - Increase sustainable yield per hectare of class 1 onions