About Onions New Zealand

The onion industry's vision is to facilitate sustainable growth and profitability of onion growers and exporters

 Onions New Zealand Evolution:

The below diagram offers a slight insight into the evolution of Onions NZ. Since the 70's it has been recognised that there needs to be some sort of industry overhead organisation to monitor and help facilitate trade. This was only focused on exporters and was initially called the NZ Onion Shipping Committee, later changing to the NZ Onion Exporters Association. In 2004 there was demand to incorporate the growers into the organisation and Onions NZ established, which is a fully incorporated society. In 2013 the process was completed and Onions NZ became a Fully Integrated Peak Industry Body, whereby it focused on the domestic market as well as the export markets. That same year, Onions NZ was granted a commodity levy and went onto develop its strategic plan, which is outlined further down the page.  


 ONZ Evolution