Commodity Levy Vote

Onions New Zealand is looking for growers feedback on the proposal before voting commences 2 July 2018.

In 2013 Onions New Zealand Incorporated separated out from Vegetables New Zealand and established a commodity levy for onions. It is now time to evaluate the value of the commodity levy on onions and decide whether onion growers should continue to fund Onions New Zealand for a further six years. 


Onions New Zealand is proposing to:

  • Maintain the maximum amount the commodity levy can be set at $4/mt
  • Maintain the current list of activities that the commodity levy can fund with the addition of biosecurity
  • Maintain the current wording in the levy order with only some changes to the records which must be kept


Proposed Amount:

Onions New Zealand proposes to maintain the current maximum levy amount at $4/metric tonne on all onions sold for domestic consumption, processing or export. Current levy is set at $2.50/tonne.


Proposed Activities:

The onions commodity levy will be used to fund the following activities

  • Grower Representation (current activity)
  • Market Access and Intelligence (current activity)
  • Domestic Promotion (current activity)
  • Day-to-Day Administration of Onions New Zealand (current activity)
  • Communication (current activity)
  • Industry Research and Development (current activity)
  • Biosecurity Activities (proposed new activity)


There is more information below, or call Mick or James.